The Korean-American Art & Cultural Association of Pacific Northwest (KACAPN) was founded as a nonprofit organization February, 2004. The organization is a group comprised of devoted professionals, mostly Korean-American Artists who are immigrants of Korea and have lived in Pacific Northwest. Each member hopes to bring an artistic sense to our diverse community.

Our Mission

  • To create opportunities for our members to exhibit their works in a professional venue
  • To give general public to experience art & life in unique prospective
  • To develop artistic talents in youth
  • To share Korean Culture with other ethenic groups

Our Goal

  • To use the profit made in annual exhibition of the members to build cultural center
  • To cultivate emotional development and artistic talents of the youth by activating Students' Art Competition, which will help them to identify their life goals in college.
  • To open a culture center at Federal Way, Seattle, Mukilteo, where children, youth and adults can learn Eastern & Western Painting, Design and Culigraphy for the purpose of creative work, information exchange, coaching the young generation and emotional development of immigrants.
  • To develop artistic sense of the members to bring the recognition of Korean Cultural Heritage among diverse ethnic groups for harmonious existence.
  • To create a community of love through art and culture for the future.

Since our inception this year, we have expanded our goal to encourage the cross-cultural art experience among young students through an annual studentí»s art competition.

The contest is fundamentally an activity to create a space for students to get together in expressing their ideas through art. Although it is a competition, students may also use it as a way to express the beauty they see in the world.

Many awards won by students from the competition went onto various prestigious art schools like RISD, Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute of Art, Chicago Art Institute, Pasadena Art Center and Coopers Union. We hope students in your community will join this wonderful experience in meeting other young artists from all over the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest Students' Art Competition needs support from your family, our community and our youth to grow rich in quality of life and community for our future generations.

This project sponsored by the Korean-American Art & Cultural Association of Pacific Northwest, encourages and supports all artists in the region in their pursuit to enrich both personal and community life