Ch'uSok (Harvest Moon Festival - Fifteenth Day of the Eight Month)

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September 11, 2010, Saturday, 12:00 Noon - 7:00 pm

To share Korean culture with our community and other ethnic groups
Our Goal is to create a community of love through art and culture.

Develop artistic sense of the members to bring the recognition of Korean Cultural Heritage among diverse ethnic groups for harmonious existence.

Ch'uSok or Harvest Festival Day (Fifteenth Day of the Eighth Month by the Lunar Calendar): This one of the great national holidays of the year. On this day a feast is prepared and families hold memorial services at the family gravesite. Viewing the full moon is a feature of the evening. Koreans used to say "The sky is high and the horse is fat"

This is Korea's other major holiday, and the most generous in spirit.  Also known a Han-Gawi, it is a day of thanksgiving for a good harvest. As on Lunar  New Year's Day, families come home from all across the country to celebrate together.

Families traditionally received new clothes on this day but today they are more likely to dress up in han-bok (Korean customer dress). Faithfully they pay respects to their ancestors with wine, rice cakes, and newly harvested fruits and grains like chestnuts, jujubes, persimmons, apples, and Korean pears. The day is not complete without the half-moon shapes rice cakes called songpyon.

1. New Born - Chool Seng:food - Seaweed Soup
2. 100 days Birthday - Baegil: food:- Rice Cake- Baek Sulgi, Kuyng Dan
3. First Year Birthday - Dol: food: Baek Sulgi, Kuyng Dan(red bean for protect     for misfortune)
4. Entertainment for baby-brush, pencil, thread, noodle, rice, money
5. Coming of Age Ceremonies - Seung Yeun Sik
6. 60th Birthday - Hwan-Gap - which is completion of the 60 year cycle of the       oriental zodiac.
7. Funereal Ceremony-Jang Rae - ceremony of dead person 7, 49, 100 days       on


Korean Alphabet, King Sejong was invented in 1446 Choson Dynasty. Consists of 10 vowels and 14 consonants. Easy to learn and write.


KimCh¡¯I: Most common KimCh¡¯ies are radish KimCh¡¯I, Chinese cabbage
              KimCh¡¯I w/ garlic, green onion, red paper, etc.
              Seasoning is important for the right taste bulgogi.
Bulgogi: Literally means fire meat. Bulgogi can be made of any kind of meat;
             beef and pork are the most popular.
             Seasoning is important for the right taste bulgogi.
BinDae Duk: dough from myung bean w/many different of vegetable, meat,
                   and seafood. Make a pancake. More like a pizza style.
Songpyon: half moon shaped rice cake. Staffing with seasami seed, myung
              bean, chestnut, etc. Steam with pine leaf.
Namul: any kind of vegetable with seasoning more like salad.
Gook: Soup


Now day people wear Hanbok mostly on festive days or for ceremonies like a wedding or funeral.

Durumagi:Long coat

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